On The Edge: Edgemont
Episode Guldes: First Season


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Episode One - 'Collateral Damage'
Air date: September 16, 2000 (as a sneak preview)
January 13, 2001 (series premere)

In the series opener, Laurel, the new girl from Toronto, causes a stir at school; Mark's family problems lead to Travis' disappearance and Mark's suspension from school.

Episode Two - 'No Worries'
Air date: January 20, 2001

Mark meets Laurel and sparks fly; Anika spreads a malicious rumour about Laurel; Travis turns up in an unexpected place.

Episode Three - 'On The Edge'
Air date: January 27, 2001

Laurel and Mark's impromptu meeting at Captain Java becomes a source of major school gossip; Jen plans to have sex with Mark on their six-month anniversary; Scott's plans for a boys' night out end in disaster.

Episode Four - 'Just Friends'
Aired: February 3, 2001

Jen befriends Laurel as she and Mark are "just friends" and feels that they should get to know each other because of that. As Mark and Laurel's relationship continues to get more complicated, she decides that they let things cool down for awhile. Although she persists that they are only friends, Laurel is obviously uncomfortable seeing Mark and Jen together. Things get interesting for Scott as he meets a new girl. Jen later discovers Mark has been secretly talking with Laurel via telephone and email behind her back.

Episode Five - 'Deal With The Devil'
Aired: February 10, 2001

Jen continues to deny the allegations of Mark and Laurel being more than friends as Anika persists otherwise. As
Shannon informs Jen that Mark and Laurel are on seemingly unfriendly terms at the moment helps strengthen her belief although she still subconsciously can't help wondering them. Mark goes over to Laurel's house so she can take photos of him for the school calender. During the photo shoot, their emotions take over and they share an intimate moment together.

Episode Six - 'Lover's Leap'
Aired: February 17, 2001

Mark and Laurel continue to deal with their increasingly complicated relationship while Jen is still left wondering about them. Mark informs Laurel of his intentions to tell Jen about them and his ever growing feelings. Erin secretly spreads a nasty rumour about Anika after she went for Chris even though she knew that Erin liked him first. At the local coffee shop (Captain Java), Erin overhears a bet Chris has going on to get Anika into bed and she keeps this information to herself in a ploy to get back at her. Scott, Brenda, Mark, Jen, and Shannon partake in a Druid ceremony to worship nature. While Mark builds up the nerve to confront Jen about his relationship with Laurel, she mistakes this as a sign that he wants to take their relationship to the next level. They end up sleeping together and Jen lies awake at night with an uneasy feeling about herself.

Episode Seven - 'The Liar's Club'
Aired: February 24, 2001

Anika plays hard to get with Chris only to discover he's not the sensitive guy he appears to be. Mark continues trying to break things off with Jen in effort to be with Laurel. His attempts at breaking up continue to be unsuccessful. Shannon sees Mark and Laurel in a heated discussion and confronts Mark to strongly consider what he is doing. Scott and Brenda's relationship continues to grow stronger as he gains confidence knowing about her feelings towards him. Shannon frankly tells Jen that her actions to sleep with Mark were apparently out of an attempt to keep their relationship together. Jen's continual denial on the subject of Mark and Laurel causes her to lash out at Shannon's comment.

Episode Eight - 'Truth or Consequences'
Aired: March 3, 2001

Laurel becomes upset with mary Mark upon discovering that he and Jen slept together after telling her that he was going to break things off. Erin informs Chris that Anika is more innocent than she appears to be. Although Chris initally backs out of the bet on Anika, he reconsiders given that the stakes have been raised. Scott reveals to Brenda that his interest in spirituality was an attempt to create a common interest between them. Mark professes that he is committed to his and Jen's relationship.

Episode Nine - 'The Frog Prince'
Aired: March 10, 2001

Rumours of Mark and Jen's intimate experience spread around the school. Jen lashes out at Laurel suspecting that she was the one to tell others. Erin reveals that she knows about the bet Chris has on Anika, but tells him she'll keep quiet about it anyways. Scott and Brenda's relationship continues to head in a interesting direction. Jen apologizes to Laurel for wrongly accusing her of the ongoing rumours at school. Later on, Laurel leaves a message for Jen to meet with her the next day to talk about something important. She feels since Jen was honest to her, she should do the same.

Episode Ten - 'Revelations'
Aired: March 17, 2001

Laurel talks to Jen and tells her the truth about what happened, or in fact what didn't happen between her and Mark. As a result of conflicting truths being spread around, Jen puts her and Marks relationship on hold for the time being. Craig endeavours on a campaign to save a species of frog in danger of losing their habitat because of planned construction for a future appartment building. Craig has no luck in succeeding in his efforts towards Anika.

Episode Eleven - 'What The False Heart Knows'
Aired: March 24, 2001

Chris propositions Anika with an intimate experiment to which she reluctantly considers. Mark continues to persist his committment to Jen although he still clearly has strong feelings towards Laurel, but attempts to deny them. In attempt to restore what remains of their relationship, Mark and Jen try to start over and just be friends.

Episode Twelve - 'This Song's For You'
Aired: March 31, 2001

Erin reveals Chris' true intentions to Anika and makes a final, desperate play for him herself; Scott scrambles to write a love song for Brenda; Craig's "Save the Frog" campaign heats up.

Episode Thirteen - 'New Beginnings'
Aired: April 7, 2001

In the season finale, Scott begins to wonder how long his and Brenda's "journey" to get to know each other is going to take. Chris starts spreading rumors about Anika and her so-called "intelligence deficincey." Gil starts spreading rumours about his intimate encounter with Erin. The rumours begin taking a life of their own becoming exaggerated as a result of word-of-mouth. Jen breaks things off with Mark as the status of their relationship is too much emotionally to handle. Erin's brother gets word of Gil spreading rumours and gets hurt attempting to defend her. Anika and Erin mend their friendship and vow to get revenge on Chris for hurting them. Scott confronts Brenda about moving from a more spiritual relationship to a more physical inclined one, resulting in a much desired result. Mark and Laurel begin to rekindle their friendship once again.




~The airdates of the episodes are those of when the USA first aired them.
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