On The Edge: Edgemont
Episode Guides: Second Season


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Season 2 of Edgemont has ended in Canada. The USA has yet (if ever) to see the second season. So US, prepair to be spoiled.

Episode Fourteen - "Matchmaker, Matchmaker"

Episode Fifteen - "The Web"

Episode Sixteen - "Brothers and Sisters"

Episode Seventeen - "Secrets and Lies"

Episode Eighteen - "Salt in the Wound"

Episode Nineteen - "Shall We Dance?"

Episode Twenty - "Fight or Flight"

Episode Twenty-One - "Out of Control"

Episode Twenty-Two - "Smoke and Mirrors"

Episode Twenty-Three - "Razor's Edge"

Episode Twenty-Four - "Dead Men Walking"

Episode Twenty-Five - "Push Comes to Shove"

Episode Twenty-Six - "Freefall"